About the Author

Theresa (Ryan) Schopler was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. From an early age she had a love for the local animals particularly the neighborhood cats and dogs. Unfortunately , she did not have much contact with animals growing up.

She went to Nursing school at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia with an externship at the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Theresa currently resides in Hollywood, Florida where she works alongside her husband, Dr. Tom Schopler at his Dental Implant office where Theresa works as the Surgical Dental Implant Coordinator.

Meeting Charli was one of the best moments of Theresa's life. She felt compelled to write a story about the love between Charli the cat and Theresa, and the importance of adopting pets giving them a loving home.

Theresa's hobbies include : Playing the piano, biking, swimming, boating, crafting, traveling, dancing, writing books